Nowhere Everafter is a beautiful composition by Butch Morris and also the title of a poem by him. I linked the two in a song dedied to Butch.

Heart song comes from a composition (Coro di cuori) for the children choir “Piccolo coro angelico”. In the video becomes a piece for a choral lonely heart and a slide guitar.

Chimera is the encounter between a quite old and unfinished musical project and the ambiguity of an object closely observed. The voices were recorded in an intuitive melodic composition process, following the prosody of the lyrics: some religious poems by Alda Merini. The recordings were made in an almost meditative state, with the microphone very close to the mouth, letting the sounds emerge spontaneously.

The same closeness that allowed the gaze to see in an inanimate object a polymorphic material that may have been alive, organic. A long time ago…

Pietà l’è morta is at the roots of the project Canti di guerra, di lavoro e d’amore because it’s the first traditional song that me and Deborah Walker start to perform together. We fell in love with this melody!

music and images were recorded in different periods but they seemed to have some resonance for me.

A short improvisation recorded for Giuseppe di Berardino and his on-line series Grido, the 8th of Mai 2020, in Vignola.

Concert at A L’improviste with Deborah Walker on cello, Claire Bergerault on voix, accordéon and Silvia Tarozzi on violin. A broadcast recorded the 11th March 2019 by France Musique, presented by Anne Montaron.